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Tree Surveys for Planning (BS5837 Surveys)

You may have been asked for a Tree survey, Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Tree constraints plan, Tree protection plan or Method statement to support a planning application.

It may simply be for a small extension or outbuilding to a private dwelling or to support a planning application for a large scale housing development.

If there are trees on or adjacent to a proposed development area it is a requirement of the planning process that a tree survey is carried out and a report produced to satisfy the requirements of BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction.  Recommendations.

Whatever you have been asked to provide we can help you achieve your goal by working closely with architects, designers, planning authorities, local authority Tree Officers and home owners.

Ideally, we will be involved from the initial stages to help inform the design process but are often consulted at any point during the application process right through to assist with the discharge of planning conditions.

We don’t offer an off the peg, generic survey package but asses your individual needs to help achieve a successful planning application.  Gives us a call today to discuss your needs.

Tree Condition & Safety Surveys

From a single tree in a back garden to a large estate, we can help you satisfy your duty of care and provide you with peace of mind to ensure your trees are regularly inspected to assess their condition and safety.

We assess condition and produce a written report which will identify risk and work recommendations based upon the potential hazard to people or property and how this can best be managed.

Protected Trees

We can provide you with the expert advice you need to help you manage trees that are the subject of a tree preservation order or if your property is in a conservation area. We will then apply for permission for the work to be carried out. On approval you may then approach suitably qualified and experienced tree surgeons to complete the work to the approved specifications.

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